Walnut oval picture frame center profile

Oval Picture Frames Made of Walnut

Walnut is a versatile hardwood and is naturally a great color to work with any home decor. This post illustrates a favorite molding design for many.

Walnut hardwood has always been a favorite of ours. It’s deep brown color and subtle grain pattern are unobtrusive and even the clearest lumber has many colors that often don’t appear until the lumber is milled and cut. This example features multiple coves along the inside and outside edges and in the center of the frame. Hence the molding name, “center profile with inside and outside cove”

The featured image shows our standard thickness frame that is perfect for framing an oval print or oval stained glass. Other images show a substantially thicker frame built to hold a framed canvas that is over one inch thick. This could also be used to backlight stained glass. Also see our other post which features an oval frame with a narrow gallery profile and a thick (deep) molding.

Oval shapes are often not all the same. An oval created many years ago may not the same shape as one that is created by computer software. Additionally, stained glass is most often a bit irregular. We may ask you to trace your artwork onto a piece of paper and mail it so that we can assure a perfect fit the first time.