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Double Sided Round Frames for Stained Glass

round stained glass frame merged

Made of a white wood (poplar) and stained Red – Orange, this frame is finished on both sides and includes a mounting system to hold glass securely. The top image is the face; the bottom image is meant to be the back side. This is perfect for hanging round stained glass in a window. This […]

Round Stained Glass Lightbox

Round Stained Glass Lightbox

Extra Deep Round frame made to be a light box. This extra depth helps diffuse light which is necessary when backlighting a sign or glass. The “Crone’s Favorite” Profile is a very beautiful choice for this heavy looking frame. There are many uses for this design. Call or email for pricing.

Round Double Sided Stained Glass Frames made of Walnut

Round Stained Glass Frames made of Walnut

Round Double Sided Frames for Stained Glass Frames  are the perfect complement to your Stained Glass pieces. These frames feature trim on the back making them double sided, which serves to secures the glass and make both sides of the frame presentable. The trim also hides any unsightly gaps between the frame and glass. Perfect […]