Stained Glass Light Box

Stained glass light box(s) are a great way to illuminate your prized piece when natural light isn't available. We offer these in round, oval and many other shapes!

Our stained glass light box is very versatile in that in can be build in many shapes or for nearly any size you might need. Stained glass work is often irregular in shape and we can accommodate that. 

Our design incorporates a light enclosure made of a composite material (MDF) and painted a solid color; most people want black. We also offer the enclosure that is made of the same material as the frame; this design can be found here: (insert link)

We also include a light diffuser and plywood to enclose the back. Due to the nature of this artwork, degrees and quantity of needed lighting varies. Therefore we do not include the LED lighting. This is the DIY part of our design.