maple oval frame

Maple Wood Frames

We offer real, maple wood frames in a variety of shapes including round, oval, rounded corner rectangle just to name a few.

When a light colored frame is needed and white lacquer just won’t do, our arctic white solid maple wood frames might just be the ticket for you. There are a few species of maple hardwood that immediately come to mind and I’m sure many more exist. We use the outermost cut from a maple tree which is harvested in the north United States. It is the whitest cut and great to work with. We’ve had wonderful feedback from picture frame shops and artists alike about the quality.

In this post we share our white maple oval frames with a “gallery” profile (molding) design. As can be seen, white is the dominate color, but it will have random streaks of black or brown. We are selective in trying to color match the natural material whenever possible. Also shown is our maple wood frames with a “traditional” profile in this case, made for leaded glass. This frame features a “trim” kit which makes both sides of the frame presentable provides a way to mount the glass into the oval maple frame. More examples of oval stained glass frames can be found here.

We also offer rectangle frames with rounded corners and even oval maple frames!

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