Round frames for stained glass

Round Stained Glass Frame

We are a supplier for round wood frames for stained glass. Our frames also work for leaded glass. If it’s Round, Oval, or Rectangle we can help you. Shown in the featured image, a round walnut frame with our outside cove profile made for stained glass. The stained glass was work by Diane Blasius of We thank her for offering this photograph.

Crone’s Custom Woodworking is your source for round stained glass frames as well as other shapes such as oval or even a half – circle! If you are looking for something truly unique we can help!

We Can Frame Irregular Round Glass

Building round stained glass frames or leaded glass frames is a tricky process and we have many years of experience. Stained glass patterns always consist of many pieces and will not always finish in the intended shape. We are able to accommodate irregular shaped glass by building a frame specifically to fit your stained glass panel. We do not offer a picture frame kit per say, but a beautifully finished product.  

Double Sided Frames

Stained glass is often hung in a window and many clients want both sides of the frame to look nice. We offer double sided frames which make mounting the glass an easy task and make both sides of the frame very presentable. Our double sided option is far less expensive than buying two picture frames. We have hanging hardware available for presenting your stained glass frame in a window.

Many clients prefer the beautiful natural tone. However, your custom color stain is also available. For example, notice the oak stained white (whitewashed) and oak stained red. We offer many species of hardwood for our frames as well as stained hardwood. Here are some examples

Large sizes are available! Our price list is only a sample. We offer every size of round wood frame, large, small or in between.

Other Double sided round stained glass frames made of oak can be found here.

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