Thick Round Picture Frames

Round Picture Frames

Our round picture frames are clean cut, yet elegant custom designs that complement your artwork or photographs in a unique and fresh way.

Whether you prefer the rustic charm of oak, the timeless allure of cherry, or the modern sophistication of walnut, Crone’s Custom Woodworking offers an array of wood types to suit your style.

Our frames are not only customizable in wood type but also available in a variety of sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your piece.

Trust us to bring your vision to life with custom-made frames that exceed expectations, crafted with precision and care.


Finding round picture frames can be a challenge, but not anymore! We offer shapes that are hard to find elsewhere. Our orders are customized to your exact specifications, so you get to be a part of creating your piece.

Since 1985, our family-owned business has been dedicated to crafting quality wood pieces. Each item we create reflects our commitment to excellence, innovation, and aesthetics. You can rely on us to understand your requirements, align with your vision, and deliver frames that go beyond your expectations.

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True Custom Round  Picture Frames

Your paintings and photographs represent something important to you. Our round picture frames showcase these cherished pieces, presenting them in a distinctive and exclusive manner.

We tailor each frame to perfectly complement your artwork and its environment.

Image is of an espresso colored, round floating frame, encasing a stretched canvas.

Round floating frame dark brown

Each round picture frame is carefully crafted with precision and skill, made to your specifications. We have a time proven technique to construct each frame. Our professionalism helps you be confident that you will have a quality frame. The wood will be finished in a stain or paint of your choice, and flawlessly sealed to last a lifetime. Safely and easily mount your photographs or artwork in a round picture frame beautifully crafted to your needs. Crone’s Custom Woodworking are picture frame designers. If your round frame requires a very deep inset, something that is an odd size, or
if the molding needs to be bespoke, we can help!


A round frame is a picture of infinity, perfection, and timelessness. Your art, enriched by beautifully cut and polished wood, will make it a statement piece in any room. Choose a wide border with carved detailing for layers of texture and depth, or select a sleek, modern frame with a glossy finish. We will work with you to design the perfect frame for your home or business. Framed in an exact circle of handcrafted wood, your artwork will make a bold and unique touch in any setting.

Did you know that a round painting is called a “tondo,” from the Italian “rotondo,” which means “round?” In fact, any large round painting, sculpture or relief is called a tondo today, because that shape was popularized in Italy during the Renaissance. It even applies to early examples of other round paintings, which are interestingly found at the bottom of wine cups from Ancient Greece. 


Crone’s Custom Woodworking takes great pride in producing excellent frames. Our round picture frames are made to exacting standards. We will help you match the best construction and finish to equally match your vision. Our round frames are mitered together and then assembled with wooden spines. AKA meaning they are STRONG! Our clients are always surprised to learn of the quality of materials selected and obvious support our frames hold.


The round picture frame provides a visual break from the straight lines of furniture, walls, and floors. A grouping of small frames or a large round frame can offer a stunning focal point to your home and business. Traditional, modern, or eclectic, our frames are an essential component of a beautifully styled place.

Sizing Your Frame

What size does your round picture frame need to be? Measure the widest part of your image, and that will be the inside diameter of your frame. (Be sure the diameter works for your image vertically and horizontally.) The frame itself can be sleek and narrow, letting the image be the focal point. Or the frame can be wide with carved details or an inlaid wood design, drawing the eye first to the beauty of the frame itself and then to the art it beholds. We offer a variety of mounting options to safely and securely mount your custom frame on any wall or surface. Contact us today at 417-759-9091 to start the process today.

Painted vs. Stained

Paint hides the grain completely, stain simply colors the grain. Stain often brings out the character of the wood grain particularly in wood types such as poplar or oak. It soaks into the open pores and exposes beauty otherwise not as noticeable. Stained hardwood frames can match other items in a room or a theme.

Our painted frames are most often made of primed MDF (composite fiberboard) which offers a very uniform surface perfect for paint-primer.

We always recommend hardwood for framing heavy items such as glass. Hardwood can be painted and offers higher strength than the composite fiberboard. Hardwood is also a better choice than MDF in an area of high humidity.

Round picture frames painted a solid color

Painted Round Frames

We typically use MDF (composite fiberboard) for our painted frames and because of this, we are able to offer these at a reduced price in comparison to our hardwood offerings. MDF offers the benefit of an ultra smooth and uniform color.

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