round canvas stretcher

Round Canvas Stretcher

If its round artist panels or canvas stretchers you want, we have them. Our offering has no limitations to size or shape. From 4 inches to extra large round canvas up to 15 feet, we have what you need.


We sell shapes that no one else handles. This is why our orders are custom made to your exact specifications, whether it be oblong, round, oval or even triangle.

Since 1985, our family-owned business has been crafting quality wood pieces. Every item we make represents our commitment to quality, innovation, and beauty. Our clients trust us to listen to their needs, share their vision, and offer framing solutions that exceed their expectations.

All orders will require a framing specialist to reach out and finalize an estimate with you.

Plus our Round Frames and Oval Frames can usually be custom made to your specifications at no extra cost.


We Make True Custom Canvas Stretchers

We are one of a few suppliers that offers round or oval canvas stretchers and round floating frames made of hardwood or painted composite material. Other geometric shapes such as triangle, arch, cathedral, etc. are also available.

Our canvas strainers – stretchers are made of birch plywood. Smaller sizes are shipped in one piece and larger units can be shipped un-assembled to save on freight charges.

A floating frame has a dead space between the stretched canvas and inside of the frame which is very clean and offers a nice effect.

Round or Oval stretcher frames do not need to be expensive and we offer a great solution!

Round artist panels or round painting panels are also very hard to find. Cradled artist panels are also available which come in various thicknesses.

oval shape canvas stretcher

A quality round canvas stretcher is essential for an artist to do a tondo painting. Stability, durability, and superior construction are keys to producing a lasting piece of art on a round canvas strainer.

Crone’s Custom Woodworking is one of the few manufacturers of round and oval canvas stretchers and painting panels. Our process accommodates not only round canvas stretchers, but any shape you need.


Our unique process enables us to ship large frames collapsed for assembly at your location. The canvas stretcher goes together like a puzzle, resulting in a strong canvas stretcher that will not require center supports. This means even a 15-foot canvas stretcher is within reach without exorbitant shipping expenses.

We make most of our canvas stretchers with birch plywood. Our round canvas stretchers include a raised lip around the perimeter to suspend the canvas away from the stretcher frame. This provides a smooth, even surface for tondo painting. Large canvas stretchers also include a built-in plywood French cleat for secure hanging of the unit.


For a printed circular canvas, or for applications where a solid surface is desired, artists might choose a canvas strainer. A strainer is built the same as a stretcher, but without a raised lip around the edge.


We offer cradled painting panels that can be gessoed. The panels can be painted on directly or covered with canvas. Our round artist panels are made of a ¼-inch thick plywood face and ¾-inch plywood “cradle” around the perimeter. The total unit is typically one inch thick. Cradled painting panels have the advantage of being lightweight and consistently flat.

A thicker 1 ¾-inch option is also available, offering additional depth to the artwork.

Cradled painting panels in sizes larger than a 36-inch diameter are available with cross-member supports through the center for added strength.


The perfect addition to your tondo (round) painting on canvas is a frame that complements and enhances your artwork. Floating frames allow the artwork to be mounted from the face rather than the back like a conventional frame. Your artwork appears to “float” inside the frame. This also will help hide folds on the canvas going around the stretcher. Our round floating frames include a built in French cleat which makes hanging a breeze.

Round floating frames are available in hardwood or painted composite surface.

Assembly of Round Canvas Stretcher

Our round canvas stretcher/canvas strainer ships disassembled and goes together like puzzle pieces. The collapsed design made of birch plywood makes our product really strong and economically feasible. Many sizes and shapes are available.

More Examples

Round Cradled Painting Panel

Round Cradled Painting Panel

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Cathedral Shaped Canvas Stretcher

Cathedral Shaped Canvas Stretcher

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