We Make True Custom Canvas Stretchers!

Our canvas strainers – stretchers are made of birch plywood. Smaller sizes are shipped in one piece and larger units can be shipped unassembled to save on freight charges. 

A floating frame has a dead space between the stretched canvas and inside of the frame which is very clean and offers a nice effect.

Round or Oval stretcher frames do not need to be expensive and we offer a great solution! 

Canvas Stretcher Frame Examples


What Do I Need To Know Before Ordering.

Need an oval picture frame or even a round picture frame large enough to walk through? We can build it and ship it directly to you, thanks to our unique wood spline assembly. Crone’s Custom Woodworking developed a unique construction method in which a large frame can be disassembled, packed and shipped, and reassembled easily at your location. This saves you shipping and storage costs.

Paint hides the grain completely; stain simply colors the grain. Stain often brings out the character of the wood grain particularly in species such as poplar or oak. It soaks into open pores and exposes beauty otherwise not as noticeable. Stained hardwood attempts match other items in a room or theme.

Our painted frames are most often made of primed MDF (composite fiberboard) which offers a very uniform surface perfect for paint – primer. We always recommend hardwood for framing heavy items such as glass. Hardwood can be painted and offers higher strength than the composite fiberboard. Hardwood is also a better choice than MDF in an area of high humidity.