Round floating frame painted white

Round Floating Frames White

We offer round and oval floating frames! This post features a small round floating frame painted satin white. Other colors including hardwood frames are available!

Introducing Our Elegant Round Floating Frames in White!

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your artwork and interior space with our round floating frames in white. This design not only provides a clean and sophisticated look but also serve as the perfect complement to your artwork. Our round floating frames feature a minimalist and modern design, ensuring that the focus remains on your artwork.

We use either Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) or poplar hardwood, depending on the specific application. Poplar and MDF each have their strengths and weaknesses and are recommended based on the application. Whether you’re decorating your home, office, or any other space, these frames seamlessly blend in with various interior styles, adding a touch of elegance to any environment.

Enjoy hassle-free installation with our user-friendly design. Most of our larger round floating frames use an integrated hanging cleat! This frame design can be used for many applications such as a moss wall, or even a mirror (in certain cases). But this design is most often utilized for stretched canvas paintings.