Round corner puzzle frame

Round Corner Puzzle Frame

This original painting was preproduced on the large puzzle pieces which work well with this 1 1/4" wide fully rounded molding. Photographs are often reproduced onto puzzles and our round corner puzzle frames add a really nice effect to this. We think you'll agree!

Spending time with friends or family constructing a puzzle is always time well spent. Preserve your memory with this stunning wood frame made of oak! This round corner puzzle frame made of oak has a fully rounded molding. The rounded molding continues around the radiused corners for terrific appearance. This works with most home decor and is available in any of the colors found on this website. Here is a color chart.

The painting is by my better half Melinda. We photographed the actual paining then had it printed on the large puzzle pieces. I’ve seen this done by some well known artists and pleased with the result.

We offer round corner puzzle frames made of other hardwoods such as cherry, walnut, maple, and vibrant stained colors. We also offer this design in solid painted colors. Please see the color chart link above.

Round corner rectangle frames are not as straightforward as other square corner frames. Please be sure to read our blog post for details about this design: round-corner-frame-specifications