Purple Picture Frame, Round

Purple Picture Frame

Purple Picture Frames can be found here! We offer round, oval, even arch shaped! The translucent stain allows the grain to be prominent. The purple stain really brings out the color in the flower painting also.

Here’s a wood tone that isn’t brown! Our transparent purple picture frame really pops with this flower painting on acrylic. The wood grain and purple stain are equally prominent in this round wood frame. The effect is spectacular in any room’s decor.

New to us is this profile design we call the “wave”. A description is random up and down indentions on the frame surface and in this case matches the flower painting. Our “wave” design is now available on any of our frames found on this website including oval, half circle, and round corner frames. The “wave” design is also available in any color found here.

The painting of the flowers is by my better half, Melinda C. The material is non – glare acrylic which has a very slight texture. Many argue the the texture makes it easier to paint on rather than painting on a slick surface such as plexiglas. I’m certainly no expert on this issue, but we like the floating effect! Being able to see the light gray wall between the purple frame and painted image is really terrific!

You might also enjoy the crescent or “orbit” shape round frame with our “gallery” profile shown above. This client chose the purple frame to go with a blue wall. Everything looks great with this round vanity mirror frame.

Purple Picture Frame, Round