Oval Picture Frames

Oval Picture Frames

Our oval picture frames are simple, yet elegant frame designs that give your oval artwork or photographs the attention it deserves!

Oval frames are great for portraits, framing faces and torsos while minimizing excess white space. They’re perfect for couples portraits, making them an ideal selection for wedding or anniversary photographs.

Handcrafted with precision and care, each frame is a testament to our dedication to quality and craftsmanship.


Orders are custom-made to your exact specifications.

When you contact us, a framing specialist will reach out to you, gather your specifications and goals, and put together a quote for you. Once the quote is finalized and agreed upon, we begin the process of crafting your frame.

We have a plethora of woods in non-painted and painted options to choose from for our oval picture frames. We can make your frame in any size you desire.

Custom Oval Picture Frame Use Cases

It’s true that most picture frames are rectangular in shape. They are plentiful, and vary in price from very cheap to very elegant and expensive. Oval shaped frames are used for vintage artwork and modern, contemporary art. The shape is timeless and can work with any décor under the right circumstances.

For artists that need to break away from the ordinary rectangular shapes, an elliptical or oval shape might just be the ticket. The shape provides an avenue for your artwork to draw attention that otherwise may not be achievable.

Crone’s Custom Woodworking will make an wood oval frame to perfectly complement your piece of art and the space it inhabits.

Your Decor
  • Your living area should feel authentic. Just like vacation, it’s great to get away, but coming home is like no other place that can be replicated. There are many factors that contribute to this feeling, among them being furnishings that are treasured. Framing these treasures is what we can offer you. A great oval wood frame added to your favorite room is something that will be admired whenever entering that space. Any guest that enters that space will also notice! Modern pieces such as wedding or baby photographs can be adapted to this elliptical shape. Such pieces will look great beside black and white photographs.
What to expect
  • We specialize in hardwood frames such as oak, walnut, maple, cherry, and poplar. This is not the complete list available but is the most common offering. We also offer veneer overlay such as mahogany over oak etc. that offers a fascinating rich look to a frame. Also introduced in 2024 are wood inlay frames.

    Poplar (yes that is the correct spelling) is a mostly white hardwood. It features a tight mild grain and looks best stained. We offer this in many colors including brown(s), red, green, orange, black, or even purple. Yes, we even offer purple oval picture frames! Staining wood allows for fairly specific colors while allowing the wood grain to still show its natural beauty.

    We also offer a less expensive option made of MDF (composite fiberboard) that is painted solid colors. More about this material can be found on our “painted frames” page.

Our Process:
  • Frame shops obtain prefinished straight molding that can be quickly cut and formed into a rectangle frame. Building oval or round frames has a much different process. We start with raw lumber that is cut to length, then glued into panels. Most often there are (four) elliptical shapes that are cut from these panels and glued together utilizing a wood spline. Our frames are not held together with metal of any kind. It took years to perfect this time consuming and labor-intensive process and you will appreciate your perfect oval picture frame!
A Pill Shape Frame
  • Often referred to as an oval with straight sides though it’s hard to know how to describe honestly. It does replicate a common capsule shape. We offer pill shape picture frames in any of the wood types shown on this website and in any size. The same goes for pill shape canvas stretchers.
The Perfect Size
  • Our price list shows common dimensions such as 8 x 10” or 16 x 20”. Typically, vendors that offer round or oval picture frames will only offer the most common sizes. We offer everything. If your artwork measures 20 5/8” x 39 ¼” we can build a frame to accommodate this! The dimensions represented are of the picture or artwork size, length and width. Other considerations are given if you need a specific aperture dimension. If this is a concern, always reach out to us with your requirements. More details can be found here: How to measure picture frame
Oval Stained Glass

The text so far has focused on paper photographs, but we also offer oval frames for stained glass, thick stretched canvas, or even moss wall décor.
Stained glass is most often an odd size or even an irregular oval shape. We are able to help! We often ask for a paper pattern in such cases to assure proper fit the first time. Double sided frames for oval stained-glass pieces are also something we build on a regular basis. This secures your glass into the frame and makes both sides aesthetically pleasing. We also offer DIY oval light boxes for stained glass for areas where hanging in natural light isn’t feasible. These assist in backlighting your stained-glass panel allowing the colors to be enjoyed.

Oval Stretched Canvas Frames

Paintings on canvas are most often on a canvas stretcher or sometimes on a hard cradled painting panel. Another term is artist panel. We offer frames, both conventional and floating oval frames for stretched canvas – panels. If you need something small or if your painting is very large, such as 10 feet or more, we can help. A common thickness requested for canvases is two inches, but sometimes people need something much thicker. We are a custom manufacturer and can build what you need. Oval canvas stretchers and oval artist panels can be found here

Our large oval canvas stretchers ship collapsed for economical shipping and easy assembly at your end. Needless to say, we also offer the perfect oval frame to go with your artist panel. 


The care taken with our manufacturing is even shown with our packaging. You will not receive a flimsy box with no packaging material. We take time to build custom size crates utilizing plywood and double cardboard. Many people compliment this process as going beyond what was necessary, but that’s just how things are done at Crone’s Custom Woodworking!

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Thanks for visiting our website and reading all about our oval frame offering. This page is not written by artificial intelligence but came from the heart of the imperfect owner, Mike Crone. I look forward to working with you on your next project!

Painted Oval Frames

Our painted frames are most often made of primed MDF (composite fiberboard) which offers a very uniform surface perfect for paint – primer. We always recommend hardwood for framing heavy items such as glass. Hardwood can be painted and offers higher strength than the composite fiberboard. Hardwood is also a better choice than MDF in an area of high humidity.

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