front view of our stained glass frame

Oval Frames for Stained Glass

Hard to find oval frame for stained glass. This piece was an irregular shape and we were able to create a frame to accommodate it perfectly!

Oval frames for stained glass artwork can be hard to find, especially if your finished piece is irregular. Have no fear; we can help! We offer oval frames that are finished on one side only as shown in the examples on this page. We also offer oval frames that are finished on both sides, with the option of a “trim” kit that secures the glass in the frame.

The “trim kit” is illustrated in the gallery images below; see the brown stained round oak frame. This system is a life saver for dealing with unsightly gaps between the glass and frame while securing the glass into the frame. A hanging loop for securing a chain is a fine option that we can do as well.

The first two examples in the pictures below, illustrate our maple oval frame built for stained glass utilizing our “traditional” profile design with a natural finish. The profile is simple and has been a best seller for many years. If you aren’t sure what profile design is best then this could be a safe bet.

Light Box

The last example in the gallery below illustrates a side view of a “lightbox” for illuminating or having back lighting for your stained glass project. When natural light isn’t available, the light box is a terrific way to show off your stained glass in any room, during any time of the day. Included with this DIY kit is a light diffuser, plywood backing, and a spacer usually made of MDF. Most people request the spacers to be painted black. More examples of this can be found here: Stained Glass Light Box Frame .

Don’t forget to look at the different wood types and colors we offer. Our most common color options can be found here: Frame Color Samples

If your oval stained glass is irregular in shape, we’ll ask for an outline traced on paper. Please contact us today with your special request! We love these kinds of unique projects.

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