Oval Picture Frames

Oval Floating Frame

Oval floating frame, silver. The bright silver tone complimented this cloud theme really well. Also, the floating frame design kept the emphases on the artwork. Painting by Jared Gillett.

This oval floating frame is painted with metallic silver paint and measures 48 x 60” outside dimensions and includes a birch plywood painting panel. Oval floating frames are very popular for stretched canvases and allow a dead space between the frame and the artwork. In these pictures, the oval cradled artist panel is 1” thick. This makes the entire frame – panel weigh around 10 lbs.

Our oval cradled panels can be covered with canvas or they can be coated with gesso and painted on directly. They are incredibly rigid and flat.

The oval floating frame shown in these pictures are made of composite material (MDF), coated with an epoxy primer. This color coat is enamel. The end result is a durable smooth uniform finish that is made to last! We offer our floating frames in many colors or even hardwood; please inquire.

If you are unsure what a floating frame is, please check out our definition here: 

Painting by Jared Gillett http://jaredgillett.com/

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