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Introduction: If you are searching for a distinctive way to add a touch of nautical charm to your home décor, look no further than our porthole picture frames. We create beautiful, Custom Nautical Picture Frames or Porthole Picture Frames with elegant profiles and finishes. Plus, we are always interested in discussing your custom requirements. This unique design was inspired by the circular windows found on ships, adding a captivating maritime aesthetic to any space. In this blog post, we will explore the beauty and versatility of porthole picture frames, highlighting their appeal as nautical picture frames.


We sell shapes that no one else handles. This is why our orders are custom made to your exact specifications, whether it be oblong, round, oval or even triangle.

Since 1985, our family-owned business has been crafting quality wood pieces. Every item we make represents our commitment to quality, innovation, and beauty. Our clients trust us to listen to their needs, share their vision, and offer framing solutions that exceed their expectations.

All orders will require a framing specialist to reach out and finalize an estimate with you.

Plus our Round Frames and Oval Frames can usually be custom made to your specifications at no extra cost.


We Make True Custom Nautical Picture Frames

We offer simple elegant profiles that set your art projects apart from others. Our nautical frames are artwork in themselves, hand-built with exacting craftsmanship, and will add extra flair to anything they house.

Understanding Porthole Picture Frames: Porthole picture frames mimic the design of traditional ship portholes, featuring a circular shape with metallic or wood accents. They typically come in various sizes to accommodate different photo dimensions, making them suitable for displaying cherished memories or artwork. These frames are an excellent choice for anyone seeking a distinctive and eye-catching way to showcase their pictures.

Unleashing Nautical Charm: With their unmistakable maritime appeal, porthole picture frames effortlessly infuse any space with a nautical vibe. Whether you live by the coast or simply love the coastal aesthetic, these frames capture the essence of the sea and bring it into your home. Their circular shape and metallic finishes evoke the spirit of adventure and create a captivating focal point on any wall.

Versatility in Décor: One of the remarkable features of porthole picture frames is their versatility in décor. These frames complement a range of interior design styles, including coastal, rustic, and eclectic. Their timeless appeal ensures they can seamlessly blend with existing décor or serve as statement pieces in a room. From beach-themed rooms to nautical-inspired nurseries, porthole frames add a unique touch that instantly transforms any space.

Showcasing Memories: Porthole frames are not only visually appealing but also practical for displaying cherished memories. Whether it’s a family portrait, vacation snapshot, or a collection of coastal-themed artwork, these frames elegantly accentuate the beauty of your pictures. The circular shape of the frame draws attention to the image, creating an intriguing visual effect that captivates viewers.

Adding Depth and Dimension: Unlike traditional rectangular frames, porthole picture frames offer a different perspective by adding depth and dimension to your wall décor. Their circular shape breaks away from the conventional, creating an interesting contrast against the straight lines of furniture and other wall hangings. By incorporating these frames into your gallery wall or as standalone pieces, you can introduce a captivating visual element that catches the eye.


Nautical picture frame painted navy gray
Our Nautical Picture Frames are designed to look like a porthole on a ship.

Nautical Picture Frame Pricing

All of our Nautical Picture Frames are made in custom sizes, and we price each one by specific quote. Once we receive your request a Framing Specialist will reach out to finish your order.

Custom Sizes, Colors, and Stains

All of our Nautical Picture Frames are made in custom sizes, and we price each one by specific quote. Once we receive your request a Framing Specialist will reach out to finish your order.

Materials and Finishes: Porthole picture frames come in a variety of materials and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect match for your desired aesthetic. From polished brass or copper for an authentic maritime look to weathered wood for a rustic touch, the options are endless. You can mix and match different materials and finishes to create a visually engaging arrangement that reflects your personal style.

Round Nautical Picture Frame Made to Look Like a Ship Porthole

More Nautical Frames

Round nautical picture frame

Round Nautical Picture Frames

Round nautical picture frames made of walnut. The walnut frame with contrasting color rivets provide a great combination. The frame compliments this artwork perfectly. Other examples of our porthole style round walnut frames can be seen in the gallery below. ...

Gray Nautical Picture Frame

Gray Nautical Picture Frame

Round porthole style frame painted navy gray with white or copper rivets. The faux porthole design and raised color rivets create a great effect even without a hinge which we think is mostly distracting. This is merely a hint of a marine theme without going...

porthole picture frame

Porthole Picture Frame

This porthole picture frame has a satin white finish that is very elegant. The imitation blue bolts and the dark outer round mat go further to accent the entire piece. Other nautical style round frames have a minimalist design in that they do not include non...

Copper color nautical picture frames

Copper Color Porthole Frame

The Hammered Copper Color finish has a powder coat effect which is very desirable. Along with the imitation rivets, this porthole design has been very popular. We offer nautical frames in other metallic colors such as bright gold, gray, or even bronze. Solid colors...

Black Porthole Picture Frame

Black Porthole Picture Frame

In this instance, the black and white photo and black porthole picture frame with white or black rivets and white mat create a wonderful combination. The only thing that would add to this is a bit of red in the otherwise black / white scheme. Anyway, the black...

Our Nautical Picture Frames are designed to look like a porthole on a ship.

Round Nautical Picture Frame

Our nautical frames appear to look like a porthole window on a ship that might open. Of course this is a faux design but it is effective.  Shown on this post: Made of Poplar hardwood and stained red, the double porthole style frame is bold and is prevalent in any...

Circle Nautical Style Picture Frame

Circle Nautical Style Picture Frame

Made of Cherry, this round porthole style frame is very rich looking. The imitation rivets also make this round frame an outstanding piece. Meant to have a nautical theme, but really this frame is quite nice on it's own. The 'rivets' can serve and accent pieces....

Other Products

Circle Picture Frame, Natural Oak

Circle Picture Frame, Natural Oak

The featured image is of a circle picture frame shown with our "traditional" profile design. Oak in it's natural state is fairly consistent in color, however there are random variants. If any variants are undesirable for you, consider using a light honey (golden) oak...

Honey Oak Round Frames

Honey Oak Round Frames

Honey oak is a timeless popular choice and we offer honey oak round frames. This is also called "golden oak", but the concept and tone are the same. On this post we feature our "Crone's Favorite" profile molding design which has been a great seller for us over the...

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