Large circular frames for tondo painting

Frames for Tondo Circular Art

We offer circular frames for tondo paintings such as this replica. Walnut is always a favorite. We also offer metallic colors such as gold or silver just to name a couple. We invite you to browse through our selection of round frames. Contact us with your special request

We offer large frames for tondo circular art work as seen in this example of the Michelangelo replica looks great with the other walnut furniture in this room

The round walnut frame for this Michelangelo replica works well in this large dining room.  To put in perspective, this frame measures 48 inches in diameter. The stretched canvas is also quite thick at 1″ and we are able to accommodate that or even thicker.

Our thanks to Stevie in Seattle for sharing this. 🙂

Also shown is the same painting in a gold frame. Both examples are great choices!