Half circle frame made of walnut

Half Circle Wood frame Walnut

If your artwork is an unusual shape, we can frame it! Example is of real solid walnut.

If it’s unusual, we can probably create it! This post shows two projects that are irregular shapes, both of which utilized our half circle wood frame, walnut hardwood. Wall art is often not a perfect geometric dimension and we build wood frames to accommodate this problem

Often times the half circle is more of a half oval instead. We have instructions on how to come up with the perfect shape to frame your piece of artwork. 

Walnut is always a favorite. Other common wood species regularly offered are oak, cherry, maple, or poplar. please brows through our pages and see if there is something to your liking 🙂 Also check out our color guide here: Color Guide Examples

If you have stained glass and are in need of something aesthetically pleasing on both sides, You might enjoy look at our double sided frames for stained glass. The example link illustrates oak, but is also available in this walnut half circle frame. shown on this post. 

 Horse painting by Dana Hawk, “Tara & Spirit.”

Stained Glass by Jeanne Guy of Santa Fe NM