half circle floating frame made of oak stained black

Half Circle Floating Frame

This abstract painting cried for a half circle floating frame and really nothing else would do. We think you'll fully agree!

Half Circle Floating Frame for stretched canvases. Crafted from solid oak and stained in black. This frame not only enhances the presentation of this artwork but also adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Join us as we explore the unique features and meticulous design that make this frame a standout choice for art enthusiasts.

Ebonized Half Circle Frame

Our client envisioned a frame with an ebonized effect, one that retains the open grain pattern of oak hardwood. The result? A stunning visual impact that strikes a perfect balance between modernity and the timeless charm of wood. The black stain clearly saturates the surface, yet allowing the oak’s character to shine through.

Plywood Back Design: Beyond aesthetics, we understand the importance of structural integrity. The floating frame boasts a thoughtfully designed plywood back, featuring interlocking pieces that is a work of art in itself. This meticulous design ensures your artwork is not only beautifully framed but also securely supported for years to come.

In crafting this frame, we sought to create a perfect fusion of strength and lightweight design. The interlocking plywood back not only provides added durability but also makes the frame easy to handle and hang. The result is a frame that makes it an ideal choice for a variety of artistic spaces.

Whether you’re displaying an abstract painting or a delicate portrait, a half circle frame will accentuate the unique qualities of your artwork.

Elevate your art to new heights with our Half Circle Floating Frame. Invest in a frame that tells a story, both through its design and the artwork it lovingly cradles. Explore the timeless elegance of our Half Circle Floating Frame and give your artwork the presentation it truly deserves.

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Reference number 5909 when inquiring about this color – design.