gold canvas round frame

Gold Round Floating Frame

Gold Round Floating frames, we have them! This is designed for a cradled painting panel as shown or could also be paired with a stretched canvas. Give your painting the elegance it deserves with a gold circular frame!

Metallic gold frames is a great choice for paintings and our minimal squared off profile provides a modern look. This Gold Round Floating Frame is paired with a cradled artist panel made of birch plywood. The high quality plywood could be coated with gesso and painted on directly if desired. The painting panel could also be wrapped with canvas.

The round floating frame is made of MDF and finished with high solid epoxy primer and topped off with automotive grade gold paint. Shown in the second image is the incorporated French hanging cleat which makes life much easier (the oval floating frame shown does not include that as per client request).

Most people request a block style, squared off profile (molding) which is minimal in appearance yet is very bold. It is painted metallic gold; it’s definitely bold! Other colors and molding designs are available. The spec drawing below includes common dimensions; nothing is set in stone. Our frames are custom made to your specifications!

Don’t know what a floating frame is? Visit this blog post to learn more: The difference between a floating frame and conventional picture frame(s).

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If you need a conventional frame, (insert artwork from the back) to accompany your stretched canvas we can certainly help with that as well. Here are more examples of our conventional round picture frames gold.

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