black oval frames

Ebonized Round and Oval Frames

Ebonized oval frame shown with a mirror - sign. The frame is made of poplar hardwood with a transparent black stain and satin sheen clearcoat.

Our ebonized round and oval frames are made of a white wood, typically poplar with, a black stain. The translucent stain allows the wood grain to show and creates a very pleasing effect. Also shown in the images below is an oblong shape.

Ebonized could also mean black lacquer paint that covers the wood grain completely, which we do offer. Please see our black painted frames here: Round black picture frames

This is available in any of the shapes shown on this website. We also offer ebonized oak.

The featured image is of our outside cove profile. The classic black stain is available in any of our other profiles or frame shapes shown on this website.