Demi Lune Picture Frame, utilized for stained glass

Demi Lune Picture Frame

Our Demi Lune Picture frame is utilized for stained glass in this instance. The frame features a kit that secures the glass and makes it double sided.

In the realm of artistic expression and home decor, finding the perfect frame can be a journey in itself. For those seeking a unique touch, our Demi-Lune Picture Frame is a solution that may work well for you!

This Demi-Lune Picture Frame shape is made of natural cherry hardwood. The warmth and richness of cherry wood will provide durability and achieves a rich, dark patina over time. Our frame is designed with the express purpose of showcasing stained glass masterpieces. Our frame is in harmony with many intricate patterns and vibrant hues unique artworks.

The frame is set apart with its double-sided option for stained glass. This grants you the freedom to showcase both sides of the frame and stained glass. Perfect for hanging in a window and provides a way to secure your stained glass in the frame.

Half-moon shape frames are a rarity in the market, often leaving enthusiasts scouring for that perfect fit. Enter our Demi-Lune Picture Frame – a solution crafted with precision and dedication to fill this void. No longer will you need to compromise on your artistic vision; our frame is here to meet the demand for a unique and elusive shape.

Transform your living space with the timeless charm of the Demi-Lune Frame. Its distinctive shape and natural cherry hardwood make it a conversation piece, sparking admiration and curiosity. Personalize your interior design by incorporating this rare gem into your artistic haven.

Art is a reflection of individuality, and our Demi-Lune Frame is the canvas that allows your creativity to shine. Fulfilling the demand for elusive half-moon frames, our creation is a testament to the marriage of form and function. Enjoy the beauty of stained glass in a frame that enhances the visual impact of your cherished artworks. Elevate your artistry with the Demi-Lune Frame – where craftsmanship meets innovation.

Reference number 5936 when inquiring about this selection.