Round picture frames painted a solid color

Crones Custom Woodworking

Custom Picture Frames

Crone’s Custom Woodworking is located in Southwest Missouri, and has been in business since 1985.

Sample of our maple picture frame offering

Picture frames are not what my dad and I thought would be the primary focus when we bought the Crones Custom Woodworking domain. However, it has set us apart from every other “custom picture frame” domain or shop which hardly describes what we do. We build the oddball stuff that no one else wants to. We do not utilize ready-made frame molding. Instead, our round and oval frames are built from raw lumber or composite material. The process for everything we build is labor intensive, dirty, and very satisfying if I do say so. :)

My father, Tom Crone started building limousine interiors in part of a one car garage in 1985. He made a name for himself in the limousine manufacturing industry and soon started getting orders from builders all over the country. At one time I can remember him building for 8 different companies, some big, some small, but all highly customized. I (Mike Crone) learned woodworking from my dad but more than that I learned work ethic and how to think outside of the box which has served me very well. My dad is fearless, not afraid of risks but doesn’t take stupid risks either. He retired due to health problems but is still interested in everything that comes through the door.

‘I pursued different things in life but was always lured back to being creative and mostly woodworking. I have an insatiable appetite for learning about everything.

By early 2000 we were looking for something different from the limousine industry which was clearly changing by 2005. It was clear that limousine interiors were moving away from hardwoods and honestly, we didn’t think our humble gig had a future.

We thought we had a market for custom made furniture hence “custom woodworking” but discovered the unfulfilled market for round frames. Online marketing had its challenges; it still does. We had no idea what we were doing. NOBODY thought this could work. It’s been 19 years since we sold the first-round frame on eBay and Crone’s is still going.


Round Walnut Porthole frame with Round White Mat
Round frames for stained glass

Picture Frames

Fast forward to the current year:

We offer simple yet elegant frame profile designs along with floating frames for canvases. We also offer canvas stretchers in round, oval, and odd shaped designs.

In response to requests for a more economical frame, we introduced a new style of picture frame using natural fiber (MDF). This material offers a very uniform flat surface that is perfect for paint.

Our innovations with several types of Round Picture Frames, Oval Picture Frames and Special Order Picture Frames sets us apart from everyone else in this business. We continue to come up with new innovations and designs, and hand build every frame with the care and commitment of Old World woodworkers.

We strive to provide you with heirloom quality frames you’ll be proud to own all your life.

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Check out the portfolio of custom frames we’ve built for cusomters over ther years.

See some examples of things we can create and imagine what we can create for you.

Walnut Round Picture Frame – Large