Arched shape frame

Arch Picture Frame

Arch shaped frame made of walnut by Crone’s Woodworking. Artwork by Micah Ofstedahl, “A Part of Everything.”

Our arch picture frame, crafted from natural walnut, boasts a rich, deep brown hue that complements Micah’s painting beautifully. Each frame undergoes assembly with a wood spline and four mitered pieces. Following rough assembly, our frames are cut with a CNC router, with the “traditional profile” option.

For paintings mounted on stretched canvas, we offer arch floating frames; here is an example: Arch Floating frames. Often stretched canvas’ are 1.5″ thick or more. We are able to accommodate such pieces. This design is an alternative to the arch picture frames.

Intrigued by the captivating distortions present in Micah’s paintings, I inquired about their significance. Micah explained, “Those lines are just a thing I do, distorted parts of the landscape in various forms or patterns, as if it were water or glass.” This technique, evident across many of his pieces, adds a distinctive dimension to landscapes. Beyond landscapes, Micah’s portfolio encompasses a diverse array of abstract paintings, each imbued with his signature style.

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