Arch shaped floating frame for stretched canvas.

Arched Floating Frame

Arched Floating Frame for stretched canvas. The example is made of poplar hardwood and painted satin white. We were very happy to earn this commission and our client was ecstatic with the result!

In this example, our Arched Floating Frame is made of poplar hardwood and painted satin white. A floating frame has a dead space between your canvas paining and frame and creates the illusion of “floating”. This is very common with rectangle frames, but is hard to find with half circles, circular, or oval shape. We can help! We can build this shape genre in any size and any wood type!

The client’s stretched canvas was 1.5″ thick and we were able to build the frame to accommodate the project. The floating effect is not the only way to frame this. We also offer conventional type frames in which you insert the artwork inserted from the back. Here is a more definitive definition of the two frame types: floating frames defined. We made this frame out of poplar with a plywood back as per requested. Other commonly requested wood types for this are oak or MDF.

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