Your paintings and photographs are an investment of time and artistry. You want to display them in a frame that complements and enhances their beauty.

Crone’s Custom Woodworking will make a frame to perfectly fit your piece of art and its surroundings.

A photograph of a newborn, a precious painting by your grandfather, or a mosaic of glass that cannot be replicated—these are items that require a quality, heirloom frame.



What Do I Need To Know Before Ordering.

Large Orders – Crone’s has experience fulfilling large-scale orders for frames, both in quantity and frame size. If you have a unique project with an ambitious scale, we can help.
Custom Orders – If you need a specific size, material, or construction for your frames, we will meet your requirements. We also offer consultation to help you choose the best materials and design for your frames. Our experience and skill will benefit your project.