Crones Custom Woodworking

Custom Picture Frames Since 1985

Our innovations with several types of Round Picture Frames, Oval Picture Frames and Special Order Picture Frames set us apart from everyone else in this business. We create the best and most elegant custom picture frames around!

Round Tondo frame for paiting

How To Buy

With so many options, it can be overwhelming. But we want to make it simple and convenient for you to find and purchase the best frame that suits your needs. Here’s how to approach shopping;

  1. Choose a frame type and size. Choose from our various types including Round, Oval, Half Circle, or Square frames. Also pick a size that meets your needs.
  2. Then, choose your wood type. We offer Oak, Popular and Walnut.
  3. Last, choose your paint or stain.

Frame Types

Learn more about our various frame types.






Our Work

Here you can see some examples of our work being shown off.


We are not a frame shop. We are a picture frame manufacturer. We build the picture frames that other companies won’t touch. We are small enough to cater to your request and large enough to handle bulk orders.

Round and Oval

Picture Frames

Your paintings and photographs are an investment of time and artistry. A round picture frame is a unique way to display the images and items that matter to you the most.

Canvas Stretchers

We are one of a few suppliers that offers round – oval canvas stretchers and round floating frames made of hardwood or painted composite material.

Floating Frames

The Round Floating Picture Frames made of Oak, show the gap between the Picture Frame and the image, which provides a very clean look. This design is available for any of our picture frames.

Half Circle Frames

If it’s unusual, we can probably create it. We also offer Half Circle Painting Panels, Half Round Canvas Stretchers, and Cathedral Shaped Wood Trim for restoration projects. Displayed on this page are some of our customers’ ideas, along with some of our own.

Round Cornered Rectangular Frames

All of our Round Cornered Picture Frames are made in custom sizes, and we price each one by specific quote. Once we receive your request a Framing Specialist will reach out to finish your order.

Connect With Us


We sell shapes that no one else handles. This is why our orders are custom made to your exact specifications, whether it be oblong, round, oval or even triangle.

Since 1985, our family-owned business has been crafting quality wood pieces. Every item we make represents our commitment to quality, innovation, and beauty. Our clients trust us to listen to their needs, share their vision, and offer framing solutions that exceed their expectations.

All orders will require a framing specialist to reach out and finalize an estimate with you.

Plus our Round Frames and Oval Frames can usually be custom made to your specifications at no extra cost.

Or contact us today at 417-759-9091 to help make the art you imagine a reality.